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As the parent of a child with autism, it's important to remember that while your challenges may be unique, you are not all alone. Our supportive community can be an invaluable resource for your family as well as for you personally. Whether it's reaching out professionals for answers or just connecting with other parents and sharing stories, you'll find a warm and empathetic group of people who are here to listen and help one another.

What Does a Typical Program Look Like?

The content of your child's program will evolve based on his or her individual needs, the structure of each visit remains the same. See below for the breakdown of a typical session:

  • Set-Up - The therapist will spend the first 5-15 minutes getting materials ready. This includes setting up learning stations, getting toys out, preparing the schedule and data sheets, and getting reinforcement systems (like stickers or a small treat) ready.
  • Segments - The therapist divides each session into multiple segments. Segments last about 15 minutes each, depending on goals as well as the age and tolerance level of your child. The therapist works with your child on two to four goals per segment and parents are encouraged to participate as much as possible. Both maintenance goals (goals that have been learned) and acquisition goals (those yet to be learned) are targeted during these segments. To maximize learning, the therapist also works to ensure that your child's skills are generalized during this period of time.
  • Wrap-Up: "homework," - During the last 5-15 minutes of the session, the therapist cleans up materials, organizes paperwork and sums up data. At this point, the therapist may also spend some time checking in with you to review progress, assign "homework", answer questions, and discuss upcoming sessions.

Join Our Community

Join the conversation in the Parents Forum, where you'll find ongoing discussion on a wide range of topics. Feel free to pose questions, share insights and connect with other parents as well as the STAR of CA staff. We're always here to answer questions, post helpful information and share success stories with you.


There are several agencies in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties and from the State of California that aid families of children with autism. Additionally, the Center for Autism Understanding, Support & Education, Inc. (CAUSE) serves as a training site where mental health trainees and interns can develop specialization in the treatment of children with autism. See also: ERA Education, Support and Treatment's educational services division at www.eraed.com.

Finally, more information on educational and behavioral services including workshops, online courses, and training programs can be accessed through our ERA BH progam.

STAR of CA, a Professional Psychological Corporation, provides Psychological and ABA Services to children and families in home and community settings. This division does not provide school-based educational services, and STAR of CA is not affiliated with STAR Autism Support, Inc.